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İnci Lab - Inci Dis Dental Clinic Turkey

İnci Lab

İnciLab started its operations within İnci Group and started digital dental prosthesis production in 2020.

Combining İnciGroup’s 10 years of experience, İnciLab has been operating since 2020 and provides quality service to patients in the background with expert dental prosthesis technicians, new generation devices and high material quality. With the CAD-CAM investments made with the Straumann Group, the prosthetics are made in a completely digital environment, creating smile designs that are most suitable for patients and proportional to the face. In this way, by reducing the number of rehearsals for patients, it contributes greatly to the time saved by both İnciLab and İnci Group clinics and their patients.

With its expert staff in dental prosthesis production, İnciLab produces prostheses for its patients in the most precise way. İnciLab, which entered the sector in 2020 with the mission of superior quality and service, is on its way to becoming the best and most hygienic dental prosthesis laboratory in Europe.

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